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What is it?

Welcome to My website! Please excuse me as I am building daily on this Website! There are so many things I want to do at this location that you will find many MISTAKES! If you have any ideas please e-mail me with some ideas!

This site is for the NEW and OLD Shortwave Listner. I have in this website pictures of some oldie but goodies shortwave radios that are from pre-world war II to the present! These are from my collection! From table top Giants to Portable units that you can carry! For you oldtimers like me this should bring back some memories!

If you are looking for use or service manuals for Hallicrafters, Collins, Allied, Allied/Radio Shack,
Realistic and Other types of receivers, and you dont see it listed here in my "Manuals Section, Please feel ok to E-Mail Me at the address Listed on this Page!

We have a FREE Classifieds ADS On this WEBSITE!
If you have anything you want to sell, Then this is a good place to put it! You place your ad in and you can put a photo with it. You have a place for Your Name, Item, description, Where you can put a full description, and the price you want to sell the item for, E-mail Address,and a url for you website, and url place for a remote picture that you can put in. I have also included websites for where you can put you photos in for free and it tells you the url address. This Service is FREE! Go to the Special Features in the Directory on the Left, and click on the first link on the page.

E-Mail me at WL7ARV@yahoo.com

In DXing Its all in the ANTENNA SYSTEM!